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tanka bite size
Tracy from Denver

Do you have the slow smoke original in the bite size 3 oz package? (more...)

I love Tanka bars. I could not find the flavors I like at the local grocery stores so decide to buy direct from factory
Debra from Superior

No message (more...)

Love You Guys!
Robin from Glendale

Thanx (more...)

Tanka Sticks
Debbie from Myrtle Beach

I LOVE the Tanka Buffalo spicy sticks! Very good product (more...)

Tanka Bars are awesome!
Robert from Whitestown

Delicious, Nutritious, and Indigenous owned -- it doesn't get much better than this! My favorites are the spicy pepper ones (more...)

Tanka Bars
Anne from Barnesville

I read about these in High Country News. Upon trying them, found they were superb!!!!! (more...)

Tanka Bars
Gary from Sioux Falls

They are so perfect and so handy and so healthy (sorry vegans, you are missing out) (more...)

No Subject
jason from Occidental

Thank you for your care (more...)

Guest from San Diego

website is archaic. please update (more...)

High protein, perfect snack

Perfect high protein snack, never upsets my stomach and I used after high intensity workouts (more...)

Tanka Bars and Stick
Kathy from Englewood

These are some of my favorite healthy snacks - I have purchased them several times and will continue to do so (more...)

Wishing eveveryone well at Tanka
Martha from San Francisco

Hoping the 48-bar specials will be available again soon (more...)

Tanka Bites Buffalo with Cranberries
EDWARD from Charles Town

Tasty, healthy snack with lots of protein! PLUS helps a Native American business - what could be better - a snack made by folks who respect our land and all the creatures and fruits used to make this healthy food (more...)

Trevor from LITTLETON

Ordered once now I'm ordering again and it won't be the last time. Excellent product (more...)

Tanka Bites- TENDER!
Becky M.

Wow. This is really good. I didn't realize buffalo could be so tender. Not too spicy and just sweet enough. You have my highest compliments and best wishes for success (more...)