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Tanka bars
Julie from Hay Springs

I first purchased some of these when I was on a field trip with students. Ymmmm. I love the fact that they are natural with no additives. They are healthy and delicious.The students absolutely loved them too (more...)

Tanka bars
Nancy from Lexington

Have enjoyed them since they started making them!! Super protein snack (more...)

Warrior Bar
Robert from White Hills

Best meat/pemmican bar I've ever training and competed with (more...)

Tanka Bars
Randal from Eastsound

The best road trip snack food ever. The original trail trip snack food. A'ho (more...)

Love Tanka Bars
Wendy from Scarborough

These bars taste so good, like real food (more...)

Happy to contribute
Guest from Silver Spring

I was happy to hear that Tanka foods are made in partnership with the Oglala Lakota people of South Dakota. Looking forward to these tasty treats! (more...)

tanka bars
Lisa from Jupiter

If you haven't tried these bars, you are really missing something. They are THE BEST meat bar you will ever eat (more...)

LOVE the buffalo sticks
JEremy from Chicago

FAv snack ever (more...)

Awesome bars
Brenda from Billings

One of the best meat bars I have tried. Must be good, out of stock a lot (more...)

Original Tanka bars
Joleen O.

Tried half of an original Tanka bar. Best tasting 'protein bar' ever; can't wait for full order to arrive (more...)

Nancy from Lafayette

This is my favorite treat and protein pick me up. Thanks for making Tanka bars. There's nothing else like "em! (more...)

Marthat from San Rafael

Have been purchasing this product for years . Good product (more...)

Tanka pepper bars
Nancy Jane from Msdison

I had these while traveling in South Dakota and thought they were marvelous! I am so happy I can order them (more...)

So much better than Epic Bars!
Bryan from Minneapolis

Great for bike rides, backpacking, quick snacks, and I'm always, always happy to support business endeavors on Pine Ridge (even though I'd pick Rosebud first :P ) (more...)

Thank you
Robin from Glendale

Great bars! (more...)

We Love Tanka Bar
Hilary from Flagstaff

Our family and friends love Tanka Bar! The bars themselves are delicious and nutritious, and best of all we love to support our indigenous relatives in a business that restores their relationship with the buffalo and the land (more...)

Hi quality products
Paul from Pendleton

I enjoy the high quality Tanka snacks. This is my third time ordering. The bars, bites and sticks are moist and flavorful.

I am glad to support a business on the Pine Ridge reservation (more...)

Tamar from DPO

We have been eating Tanka Bars since their inception. Excellent product, excellent company and customer service (more...)

No Subject
Kathryn from Yarmouth Port

We want to support your products made by your people (more...)

Amazing Natural Product
Dawna from LEES SUMMIT

Tanka Bars are amazing! Taste and texture are better than the other company products out there. My least favorite is the Epic products, they don't compare. Although Tanka is limited on flavor options, it isn't a drawback for us (more...)