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Aug 20, 20
Tanka team shares photos from the Ancestral Health Symposium at Harvard Law
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
The Tanka team stayed pretty busy at our booth at the recent Ancestral Health Symposium at Harvard Law but we took a few moments to snap some photos.

Some of our fans stopped by as well as a few of our Twitter followers and it was nice to meet them face to face along with chatting with people all over the world (more...)

Sep 23, 20
Facebook fan shares his buffalo adventure
Photos by Brian Peffly
Our Facebook friend Brian Peffly had a great adventure in the Dakotas and Montana this month. He took several photos from his trip, one of which was taken near the Sage Creek campground at Badlands National Park which is near the Pine Ridge Reservation -- home of the Tanka Bar (more...)

Sep 07, 20
Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for August
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
08.04.11 Tanka Bars By Shana from Ackerly

Picked up a Tanks Bar while on vacation in Wyoming at a Visitors Center. Loved it! Can't wait to get my order in. I'm sending the bars with my son who is headed for a stay in Africa (more...)

Sep 06, 20
Tanka Bar reaches great heights in Alberta, Canada
Nathan Smith,
EDITOR'S NOTE : Nathan Smith, blogger at , is a barefoot runner who is tracking his experiences either going barefoot or wearing Vibram FiveFinger shoes throughout daily activities (more...)

Aug 05, 20
Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for July
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
07.04.11 tanka bars By melinda from Jacksonville

I'm going to China in August and staying in a rural village to train in Kung Fu and Taiji. I am extremely gluten and dairy sensitive, so I wanted to be prepared with easily packable food to eat, just in case (more...)

Jul 07, 20
Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for June
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
06.03.11 Tanka By kris from indianapolis

Just wanted to say we love your products! Always have been impressed with the taste & enjoy a great snack while backpacking across the USA! We appreciate all you do to bring us this quality, and will continue to support your cause! Thank you for your dedication to quality (more...)

Jun 14, 20
The Part-Time Blog of a Full-Time Indian: The Purpose of Graduation
Gyasi Ross
Published widely in Native American newspapers and websites, Gyasi Ross has kindly volunteered to share his blogs here on

"...everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission (more...)

Jun 06, 20
Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for May
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
05.05.11 Tanka Bars By Karl from Durant

Tanka bars are incredible awesome. They are moist, delicious, and the hint of cranberry adds a unique flavor to the jerky. This is by far my favorite jerky (more...)

May 09, 20
Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for April
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
04.04.11 Reordering with thanks By Martha from San Francisco
Hey guys,

I started with Tanka Bars because I have gluten/allergy problems and iffy blood sugar. Sometimes I need to eat something solid fast and it can't be just anything, and these are a perfect emergency food (more...)

Apr 26, 20
Tiny future Tanka fans kick back with their older cousin
the Tanka Team
We love when our fans send in photo of themselves sporting our gear. Thanks to Chris for sending us this photo of his family. From left are Minh Anh; Kim Wynne holding Branden and Aiden; and Peter Wynne (more...)