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1201. Feb 06, 2012
Photographer fan shares artistic photos of the Tanka Bar
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
One of our Facebook fans, Daniel Rapinchuk of World Light Photography, dropped by our page last week and asked where to find a Tanka retailer in Watertown, SD. We gave him a list of stores and asked him to take a photo (more...)

1202. Feb 03, 2012
Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for January
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
01.05.12 Tanka bars By Brian from Farmington

I think your bars are Great! Seems like perfect food. I would like to see Tanka bars in every convenience store. Thanks for making a really healthy product (more...)

1203. Feb 02, 2012
2 Tanka staffers take their first trip to Las Vegas to network, learn about exporting and shipping
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
One of the ways Tanka Bar rounded out 2011 was sending our shipping and fulfillment manager, Rachel Hunter, and Eugene Stover, sales specialist and customer care, to Las Vegas, NV. They represented Native American Natural Foods at the Intertribal Agriculture Council Symposium (more...)

1204. Feb 01, 2012
The meaning of TANKA
Mark K. Tilsen, former assistant director of marketing
In Lakota, Tanka means large or great. It changes depending on how it is used when spoken. What Tanka means to me is a little different. When I see people doing good for themselves and their families, that is Tanka (more...)

1205. Feb 01, 2012
CBS-affiliate interview: Snacking is serious business on the Pine Ridge Reservation
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
Tanka Bar CEO Karlene Hunter and our social media specialist, Jason Stover , were featured last night in a story about the company on KELO Television of Sioux Falls, SD.

Television reporter Derek Olson of KELO stopped by Tanka headquarters last week to do the interviews and learn more about th (more...)

1207. Jan 27, 2012
Kristen from telecommunications provider Golden West stops by Tanka headquarters for a tour and a taste
Jason Stover, photos and story
Kristen, from our telecommunications provider, Golden West , was in Kyle, SD, on some business today, so she decided to stop by. She said she had heard so much about our company and our products that she had to take a tour of the Tanka Bar headquarters!

While she was here, we made sure Kristen got a chance to try our buffalo and cranberry snacks (more...)

1208. Jan 26, 2012
Tanka Bar spotted at Lower East Side Whole Foods in New York
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
Our friend the Holistic Hottie sent us this photo of Tanka Bars at her local Bowery Whole Foods in New York City . She was pleased to know they have finally arrived.

Here is an excerpt of what she wrote on her page:

"I was happy to see these at my local Whole Foods Market (Lower East S (more...)

1209. Jan 24, 2012
CBS affiliate KELO Television of Sioux Falls, SD, to air update on Tanka Bar successes
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications

Television reporter Derek Olson of KELO in Sioux Falls, SD, stopped by Tanka headquarters this week to do an update on the company.

Specifically, Mr. Olson wanted to report about Tanka Bar's recent inclusion into Whole Foods Market nationwide (more...)

1210. Jan 19, 2012
Tanka Bar fan's fitness goal: Get into a Tanka T-Shirt
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications

One of our Tanka fans, David Brown Eyes, has decided to embark on a new mission -- to drop enough weight to be able to fit into one of our T-Shirts. The largest size we carry is 2X and David is a 3X. The last time he weighed himself, which was four years ago, he was 350 pounds and other than the shirt, he hopes to improve his health (more...)

1211. Jan 16, 2012
Oldie but goodie: Tanka Bar CEO and president meet Martin Luther King, III
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
In celebration of Martin Luther King Day, we thought we'd share this photo from Charleen Touchette from 2008 when our CEO Karlene Hunter and president, Mark Tilsen, attended the Realize the Dream Summit in Washington, DC (more...)

1212. Jan 16, 2012
Interesting weather happenings hit Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
Jason Stover, marketing specialist, photos
The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, home of the Tanka Bar headquarters, frequently has its share of snow this time of year and today was no different. Well, except for the earthquake.

Around 6:41 a.m (more...)

1214. Jan 11, 2012
Freezing temps hit Tanka headquarters
Jason Stover, marketing specialist, photos

Our marketing specialist, Jason Stover, sure didn't want to take these photos. Kyle, SD, home of our Tanka Bar headquarters on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, received a bit of snow and ice last night (more...)

1216. Jan 10, 2012
Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota artist's work featured in new Tanka gift baskets
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications

Every artist has a special technique all their own.

Oglala Lakota artist, Sam Two Bulls, uses a style that not only sets his work apart, but also commemorates the richness and power of the buffalo (more...)

1217. Jan 10, 2012
Tanka helps fuel team on visit to Mount Everest
the Tanka Team
Our friends from the Himalayan Stove Project sent us these photos from their base camp on a visit to Mount Everest this year. Tanka helped fuel them while they trekked, took in the views and worked to help provide clean cookstoves to individuals and families living in the Himalayas (more...)

1219. Jan 09, 2012
Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for December
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
12.05.11 Great snack for my runner son By Lindsay from Des Moines

Tanka wild sticks are perfect for my cross country runner to toss into his backpack for a lasting snack before practice. He also has celiac disease and I really appreciate something gluten free that is so good and so good for him (more...)

1220. Jan 05, 2012
Tanka product development partner featured in 'Meat & Poultry' magazine
the Tanka Team
Meat artisan and Tanka product development partner Jon Frohling and his family were featured in an article in Meat & Poultry magazine in November. We're very proud that Jon and Stephanie have been part of the Tanka family since the beginning (more...)

1221. Dec 28, 2011
Paleo artist spots Tanka at Whole Foods Market in NJ
the Tanka Team
We really love when we see fans post photos of themselves with Tanka. Especially when they tell us where they got their favorite Tanka products because we don't always know where we are!

Thanks, Jennifer, @JELKCO on Twitter, for tweeting this photo (more...)

1223. Dec 21, 2011
Holiday madness: Tanka crew working feverishly to keep up with basket orders
Jason Stover, photos
It's been a little crazy around the Tanka Headquarters these past few weeks. We've rolled out some new gift baskets and the orders have been rolling in! Now that we're in the homestretch of Christmas week, we thought it would be fun to take some photos of our overworked crew who have been going the extra mile to make sure Santa is able to deliver some tasty Tanka buffalo on time (more...)

1225. Dec 21, 2011
Annual Christmas lunch always means laughter, good food and great gifts at Tanka headquarters
Jason Stover, photos
Every year, we have a Christmas lunch where we share a meal of potluck food and exchange Secret Santa gifts. We have to admit that OUR TEAM is pretty nice about it when marketing specialist Jason Stover pulls out his camera for yet-another-round of photos for our website (more...)

1227. Dec 21, 2011
Tankalicious! REI customers get taste of bison and cranberries as part of special events in Rockville and College Park, MD
Danaj Edmond, photos
Tanka team member Danaj Edmond was busy handing out delicious bites of buffalo this past weekend (Dec. 17-18) to REI customers in Rockville and College Park, MD. We were invited to take part in the stores' annual Customer Appreciation events (more...)

1229. Dec 19, 2011
Tanka makes it into commercial: Don't give a man a gift that sucks
the Tanka Team
You have got to hand it to our retail partner Stateside Man Goods . They created this humorous commercial, which features our Tanka products, as a plea to women everywhere to give their men a gift that doesn't "suck (more...)

1231. Dec 19, 2011
A few tips this holiday season for keeping fit on the road
the Tanka Team
With all of the traveling you may be doing this holiday season, we thought we would share this photo that came from one of our Tanka fans, Sarah Stanley .

She wrote, "How do I keep fit and eat healthy while traveling? Here are two ways!"

What do you do to keep in shape while on the go? Share your ideas at jenicejohnson@tankabar (more...)

1232. Dec 19, 2011
Try this great recipe for Marco's Sweet Tanka Chili
the Tanka Team
Marco Frucht of Connecticut is a poet, songwriter, folksinger and classical guitarist who is a big fan of Tanka Bar. He participated in early test marketing for our products. You can hear his music on his Reverbnation page (more...)

1233. Dec 14, 2011
Happy Holidays from the Tanka Team
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
Our shipping specialist, Kelly Hunter, and Eugene Stover, sales specialist and customer care, put up the Christmas tree at headquarters and of course we couldn't let the photo opportunity get away.

This is the Tanka Team in front of the tree along with a few "floating heads (more...)

1235. Dec 08, 2011
Tanka Bar receives a 'Wild Foods' thank you from West Virginia
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
We always appreciate thoughtful letters of thanks and kind words from all over the US. The above 'thank you' note recently came from Edelene Wood and Loretta Garman of the North Bend State Park Nature Wonder Wild Foods Weekend in Cairo, WV (more...)

1237. Dec 06, 2011
Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for November
Jason Stover Marketing Specialist
11.05.11 Tanka Bites are Delicious!!!! By Jennifer S.

Every bite is not only delicious, but also transports me back in time almost 40 years, to childhood memories of my father bringing home buffalo and elk (more...)

1238. Nov 29, 2011
Annual Dallas pow wow in 13th year, features local art
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
Richland College in Dallas, Texas, recently celebrated its 13th annual Native American Pow Wow. The Dallas Parent Advisory Committee helped bring this event to life full of baked goods, warmth, Native-made art and jewelry and contests (more...)

1240. Nov 18, 2011
Helping the people of Pine Ridge beyond charity
Mark Tilsen, president of Native American Natural Foods
After watching the recent 20/20 television special "Hidden America: Children of the Plains," you might be thinking, "There are poor Indians on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation? Why don't they have a casino?!"

"What can I do?" is the question I have been asked often in the weeks since the airing of the ABC network show in October, which featured the Oglala Lakota children (more...)

1241. Nov 17, 2011
Bridgewater State University explores the Pine Ridge Reservation
the Tanka Team
We always enjoy getting visitors at our headquarters out in Kyle, SD. Today we received guests from Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, MA, who were in town to visit Red Cloud School and Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (more...)

1243. Nov 17, 2011
Sanford Health pays a visit to Tanka headquarters
the Tanka Team
The Tanka Bar team recently played host to special visitors from Sanford Health of North Dakota. It is the largest, rural, not-for-profit healthcare system in the nation.

Victoria Grey Owl, Maylynn Warne and Merrybeth Martin of the The Great Plains Tribal Chairman Health Board discussed the possibility of integrating Tanka Bars into their work via a new grant they received for child obesity with Karlene Hunter, CEO, and Mar (more...)

1245. Nov 16, 2011
Re-member volunteer and Facebook fan enjoys visit at headquarters
the Tanka Team
Our Facebook friend Vicki Karlson of Grand Rapids, MI, stopped by our headquarters recently. She is a part of Re-Member , an independent, non-profit organization on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in SD (more...)

1247. Nov 15, 2011
Team shares Tanka with the world at the Americas Food and Beverage Show and Conference
the Tanka Team
Our CEO Karlene Hunter and Shipping Specialist, Kelly Hunter, have been having a wonderful time at the 15th Americas Food and Beverage Show and Conference this week, located at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Florida (more...)

1249. Nov 10, 2011
Tanka president testifies at Banking Committee hearing in D.C.
the Tanka Team
Mark Tilsen, president of Native American Natural Foods, testified at a Senate Banking Committee hearing today in Washington, D.C., that focused on economic development opportunities and challenges in Indian Country (more...)

1252. Nov 08, 2011
Tanka featured as a bright spot in the healthy market
the Tanka Team
Our Tanka team member Danaj Edmond recently attended the GSA Conference on Wellness & Greening Initiatives within Snack Bars and Vending Machines.

The conference, which took place at the GSA Regional Office Building in Washington, D (more...)

1254. Nov 04, 2011
Tanka sales specialist receives high praise from across the U.S.
the Tanka Team
Donna Looks Twice, one of our team members in our sales and customer care department, often receives kind words from her customers but we wanted to share this recent note she received from one of her regular clients (more...)

1255. Nov 04, 2011
Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for October
Jason Stover Marketing Specialist
10.15.11 Thank You By Kevin from Oak Harbor

I have never tried your product before, but it sounds good. Even before watching 20/20 tonight I knew that giving hope to future generations through education and developing businesses, is the greatest way to break the cycle of poverty (more...)

1256. Nov 03, 2011
Sen. Tim Johnson invites Tanka president to testify at Banking Committee hearing in D.C.
the Tanka Team
Mark Tilsen, president of Native American Natural Foods, has been asked by Sen. Tim Johnson to testify at a hearing Thursday, Nov. 10, titled "Opportunities and Challenges for Economic Development in Indian Country" in Washington, D (more...)

1258. Nov 02, 2011
Tanka mascot enjoys November snow at HQ
the Tanka Team
The Tanka Bar headquarters in Kyle, SD, got a little bit of snow yesterday and our fearless mascot Kirby went outside to investigate.

Today the leftover snow was more like a slushy, muddy mess but this recent fall is the first of the season (more...)

1260. Nov 02, 2011
Tanka Bar founders accept SVN award in Philadelphia
the Tanka Team
Mark Tilsen, president of Native American Natural Foods, and Karlene Hunter, CEO, are among six winners of the Social Venture Network's prestigious Innovation Award. They accepted their award this past weekend at the 2011 Social Venture Network Fall Conference SVN Innovation Awards Ceremony in Philadelphia (more...)

1262. Nov 01, 2011
Young Native-heritage band members are Girls Raised in the Sun
the Tanka Team
Here at Tanka we know we have a very diverse audience that we connect with via Facebook , Twitter and MySpace every day -- some of which are musicians. We thought it would be great to periodically highlight our fans in music (more...)

1263. Oct 26, 2011
Tanka Bar takes on Nepal
Photos submitted by Rich Ellison
Some of our Tanka friends sent us photos from their trip to Nepal. Everyone took turns taking photos with our Tanka sample bags in front of some amazing views. Thanks, Rich Ellison for the photos!


1264. Oct 18, 2011
Elouise Cobell: What one woman can do when passion is behind the task
Karlene Hunter, CEO, Native American Natural Foods
It is a great tragedy for all of Native Country when a person who has inspired, been a role model and fought for all of our rights passes. Elouise Cobell of the Blackfeet Nation was such a person.

I have known Elouise professionally for more than 12 years through various Native American conferences and my work with the Native American Rights Fund (more...)

1265. Oct 16, 2011
New image on Tanka Bar cartons have Native story
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
More than two years ago a simple silhouette in a photo left a compelling impact.

Enough so that Native American Natural Foods president, Mark Tilsen, decided that it was perfect for the new Tanka Bar cartons, already on their way to hitting retailer shelves (more...)

1266. Oct 13, 2011
A wonderful letter from a Tanka Bar fan
Kevin from Martinsville
Editor's Note: We loved Kevin's review so much that we decided to move it to our blog section.

Hi Tanka team,

I have enjoyed so much watching your company grow and thriive. I tried your products very early on after you just started when an article in the rapid city journal announced your launch, and I loved the Tanka bars!

I ordered maybe once a year for the first few years, and this year I have been traveling so much on business, I hadn't ordered anything since last Christmas (more...)

1267. Oct 06, 2011
Connecticut musician and Tanka fan up for a Nammy
Jenice Johnson, marketing and communications manager
Here at Tanka we know we have a very diverse audience that we connect with via Facebook , Twitter and MySpace every day -- some of which are musicians and we thought it would be great to periodically highlight our fans in music (more...)

1268. Oct 06, 2011
Tanka on the map in St. Augustine
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
Photos provided by Casey-Toons

Our Facebook friends at Casey-Toons have been working on a picturesque map of their home of St. Augustine, FL, for several months. They finally completed it in August and, if you look closely, you will see that our Tanka Buffalo Runner made an appearance on the map (more...)

1270. Oct 06, 2011
Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for September
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
09.01.11 No Subject By Bari from Santa Clara

I'm a nutritionist, and I first heard about your product when one of my clients brought a bar in, asking if I thought it would work for her diet plan (more...)

1271. Sep 26, 2011
Check out the flyer: Tanka on sale at Clark's Nutrition & Natural Foods through the end of September
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
See the whole flyer: Clark's Nutrition & Natural Foods Market

For information and store locations: (more...)

1273. Sep 23, 2011
Facebook fan shares his buffalo adventure
Photos by Brian Peffly
Our Facebook friend Brian Peffly had a great adventure in the Dakotas and Montana this month. He took several photos from his trip, one of which was taken near the Sage Creek campground at Badlands National Park which is near the Pine Ridge Reservation -- home of the Tanka Bar (more...)

1274. Sep 20, 2011
Tanka CEO speaks at White Earth Nation tribal summit
the Tanka Team
Karlene Hunter, CEO at Tanka Bar, recently gave a presentation on Native women in business at the Northern Minnesota Tribal Economic Development Summit.

The White Earth Nation of the Anishinaabe is Minnesota's largest and most populous reservation and is located in the Becker, Clearwater, and Mahnomen counties in north-central Minnesota (more...)

1275. Sep 20, 2011
The Primal Pursuit: An interview with the Unconquerable Dave
Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications
It's been almost a year since I've started The Primal Pursuit. A lot can happen in nearly a year. And a lot did -- but not rapid weight-loss.

It's kind of a funny thing that I had to learn about body composition (more...)

1276. Sep 14, 2011
Tanka Bar team to be interviewed by 20/20
the Tanka Team
The Tanka headquarters is abuzz this week. We just received word that more 20/20 producers are heading to the office next week to continue the ongoing interviews they have done for a possible future story on their program (more...)

1277. Sep 13, 2011
Tanka fans climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to benefit clean water
the Tanka Team
Our friend Kraig Kern just got back from his trip to Africa with his fellow climbers from the non-profit, Climb for Water . The team's efforts benefited Water for People , a non-profit that helps people have access to safe drinking water a (more...)

1278. Sep 12, 2011
Tanka fans raise funds for American Cancer Society
the Tanka Team
Portland to Coast relay team "Walky Horror Picture Show" was fueled by Tanka Bar while walking in the 2011 DetermiNation - Hood & Portland To Coast relay. The fundraising event benefits the American Cancer Society (more...)

1280. Sep 07, 2011
Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for August
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
08.04.11 Tanka Bars By Shana from Ackerly

Picked up a Tanks Bar while on vacation in Wyoming at a Visitors Center. Loved it! Can't wait to get my order in. I'm sending the bars with my son who is headed for a stay in Africa (more...)

1281. Sep 06, 2011
Tanka Bar reaches great heights in Alberta, Canada
Nathan Smith,
EDITOR'S NOTE : Nathan Smith, blogger at , is a barefoot runner who is tracking his experiences either going barefoot or wearing Vibram FiveFinger shoes throughout daily activities (more...)

1282. Sep 01, 2011
Tanka CEO to be featured on Healthy Rez radio show
Jenice Johnson, marketing and communications manager
Irma Bennett of Rez Radio 91.3 FM interviewed our CEO Karlene Hunter and the show will stream online Sept. 8 on PALA REZ RADIO . "Healthy Rez" covers a variety of subjects important to good health.

On Sept (more...)

1283. Sep 01, 2011
Tanka Spotlight: Littleton Food Co-op
the Tanka Team
Since our launch in October 2007, we have been privileged to work with outstanding retail partners. These folks are so passionate about their businesses and their customers we decided we needed to share their unique stories (more...)

1284. Aug 30, 2011
Tanka headquarters celebrates milestone
the Tanka Team
Doris Charging Crow was pretty excited to hear that she won a recent office pool at our Tanka headquarters. Doris, our senior bookkeeper, picked the correct date we would hit a very significant milestone in sales (more...)

1286. Aug 30, 2011
Chippewa legislative assistant stops by Tanka HQ
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
Kenneth Martin, legislative assistant for Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota, paid a visit to our Tanka Bar headquarters last week to take a tour and learn more about our products.

He is from the Bad River Tribe - Chippewa and was raised in the Menominee Tribe (more...)

1288. Aug 24, 2011
Tanka CEO shares the challenges and rewards running a Native business
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
Tom Katus, vice president of Dacotah Territory International Visitor Program , brought a tour group for a quick presentation on economic development and businesses in our community on the Pine Ridge Reservation, SD (more...)

1289. Aug 22, 2011
Tanka fan shares her adventures at Sturgis
the Tanka Team
Sturgis is a city in Meade County, SD, and is famous for being the location for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which takes place the first week of August. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, home of our Tanka Bar headquarters, sees a fair amount of travelers during Sturgis (more...)

1291. Aug 17, 2011
REI Boulder food testing night with Tanka Bar a success
the Tanka Team
Theresa Halsey represented Tanka Bar at a recent food testing night at REI Boulder. Robb Hiatt, office specialist at the location, raved about her time there in a wonderful letter to our marketing specialist, Jason Stover:

Hello Jason!

Thanks for being a part of our Food Testing Night and thanks for sending Theresa! She did an awesome job! Sarah and I were extremely pleased with the way everything turned out (more...)

1292. Aug 16, 2011
Long overdue visit from social network friend happens at last
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
Betty Blodgett, area service coordinator for ONE Spirit , stopped by our headquarters to order some Tanka Bars and to say hello. Betty is a friend from our Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

She said that every time she has chatted with us online, we have asked her to stop by ne (more...)

1294. Aug 14, 2011
The Tanka Bar team enjoys a visit from our friends from Germany
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
Our friend Dr. Dirk Rohrbach from Germany stopped by to say hello last week. He brings a tour group every year to learn about our Tanka Bar and its origin of wasna or pemmican.

Dirk's groups are always fun to show around -- I give the tour while he translates (more...)

1296. Aug 11, 2011
Climbing team to journey up Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for clean water
the Tanka Team
Kraig Kern of Charlotte, NC, and a few of his friends are about to take on a big adventure in the name of clean water for people around the world. On Aug. 25, the team will travel to Tanzania in eastern Africa to climb Mt (more...)

1297. Aug 09, 2011
Reformed tobacco product wins Tanka Bar Facebook contest
the Tanka Team
We started a weekly contest on our Facebook fan page that takes place every Wednesday. We coined it the "Get over the Hump" contest to give everyone a little boost in the middle of their week. Winners receive various Tanka products (more...)

1299. Aug 08, 2011
Black Hills photographer captures wildlife in Hot Springs, SD
Joe Rainboth, photo
Joe Rainboth of Black Hills State University, regularly posts his professional photos on the Black Hills Facebook page.

Here he captured a pair of burrowing owls.

"Happened upon this pair of Burrowing Owls today, southwest of Hot Springs South Dakota," he wrote (more...)

1300. Aug 05, 2011
Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for July
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
07.04.11 tanka bars By melinda from Jacksonville

I'm going to China in August and staying in a rural village to train in Kung Fu and Taiji. I am extremely gluten and dairy sensitive, so I wanted to be prepared with easily packable food to eat, just in case (more...)