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1. Sep 14, 2020
Oct. 28, 2020 ~Grand Opening at Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Los Alamos, NM
Jason Stover Marketing Specialist
Our retail partner, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, will be serving samples of our >" target="story">TANKA BARS and >" target="story">TANKA BITES on Oct. 28:

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
1501 Trinity Dr (more...)

2. Apr 12, 2018
Tanka makes a mark at the 2014 KeHE Holiday & Product Innovation Show
Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing
While it has been a few years since Tanka has had a booth at a KeHE Distributors show, Dawn Sherman, business manager, and I, were happy to represent our brand at this month's KeHE Holiday & Product Innovation Show in Chicago, IL (more...)

4. Jan 09, 2018
"First time I had one I couldn't believe how incredible they taste"
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
12.01.17 Excited to try By Sarah from Deerfield

I've been looking for just the right gifts and I'm so excited to have found this company. I'm excited to try the products!

12.03.17 gift By rosella from riverton

Like to see more gift baskets, and jerky strips pages not sticks (more...)

5. Nov 28, 2017
"Protein snack that you feel good about"
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
09.01.17 Tanka Bars By Cathy from Indianapolis

I didn't think I would like buffalo but I LOVE these bars. When we got home my whole family liked them. You now have a customer for life :)

09.21 (more...)

6. Nov 20, 2017
Film crew interviews Native American Natural Foods
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
They all live in different parts of the United States but met met last year at the Oceti Sakowin Camp in Standing Rock, filming the water protectors. I would like to believe that is when they had a chance to try our Tanka Bar products because we donated several pallets (more...)

7. Nov 14, 2017
Local woman from Kyle, SD completes Alcatraz swim
the Tanka team
Last month Samantha White of Kyle, SD, the location of our headquarters on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, participated in the big Alcatraz Swim in San Francisco. Below she shares her account of her journey, which she powered with Tanka from us as part of PATHSTAR -- a program that addresses the obesity, heart disease and diabetes epidemic within Native American communities (more...)

10. Oct 16, 2017
Runner and suicide prevention advocate inspires his Native community
Waylon Pahona
Dirk Whitebreast from the Meskwaki Nation grew up in Iowa. In 2011 Dirk ran 10 marathons in 30 days.

Dirk was never a runner and he expressed how he would run at night due to being embarrassed about his weight (more...)

13. Sep 26, 2017
Our friends from Natural Specialty Sales stop by headquarters
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
JP from Natural Specialty Sales, pictured on the left, stopped by recently to learn a little more about the Tanka Bar.

JP and Graham (center) both came from New Mexico and Matt (pictured on the right) met up with them here in South Dakota (more...)

15. Sep 12, 2017
Tanka president catches up with singer Bonnie Raitt
Jenice Johnson Williams, assistant director of marketing and communications
Our president Mark Tilsen and singer-songwriter, musician, and activist Bonnie Raitt are old friends. Mark had a career in the music industry and his daughter, Kimberly Tilsen-Brave Heart, who took this photo, often came along on the road (more...)

17. Sep 05, 2017
From the mouths of babes: "This is my new favorite food!"
Jenice Johnson Williams, assistant director of marketing and communications
Great email from one of our Tanka friends!

"On a rock climbing day in Yosemite National Park, my 8-year-old nephew, Clavey W., exclaims, 'This is AWESOME! This is my new favorite food!' while munching on his first Tanka Bar (more...)

19. Sep 05, 2017
Native leader Celina Reyes an inspiration for her community
Waylon Pahona
I would like to highlight Cellina Reyes for all her amazing work and dedication to her community Please learn more about her by reading her own words below.

I was raised on the Fort Mojave Tribal Reservation by my grandparents David and Basil Fass as well as my mother who were all very supportive in education (more...)

21. Aug 24, 2017
Football summer camp stops by, learns about Tanka Bar
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
Football for Life is a summer football camp out of Southern California. Joe Pina, pictured above with his wife Susie (flower print shirt) have been hosting the camp at Pine Ridge School on our reservation (more...)

23. Aug 04, 2017
Instagram fan shows her love for Tanka
Jenice Johnson Williams, assistant director of marketing and communications
We have some great fans that follow us on social media and we came across this gem on Instagram while looking at the #TankaBar hashtag. Gotta love it!

"Seriously my favorite jerky EVER!!!!! @tankabar #tankabar #jerky #buffalo #buffalojerky #cranberry #slowsmoked #sogood #supertasty #goodfooddoneright #hungryfox #happyfox" - @bigredhorse

Connect with us
Join our (more...)

25. Jul 25, 2017
Update: TANKA investor crowdfunding campaign
the Tanka team
Tanka Friends,

We have passed the $50,000 mark and are heading toward the first $100,000 of our goal in our Wefunder campaign. More than 100 of you have decided to join us as investors! Thank you for your support (more...)

27. Jul 17, 2017
What does it take to be Tanka Bar famous?
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
This was the question Donna Albers-Walking Elk asked our CEO Karlene Hunter. Karlene told me we are going to make her a Tanka Bar celebrity today. So as soon as she pulled in to the office I was snapping pictures and getting autographs (more...)

29. Jul 17, 2017
The Lakota Mission Team have a joyful visit at Tanka Bar headquarters
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
Liz Whaley set up a last-minute tour of our Tanka Bar office. It was great to see the group again. Liz is with the Lakota Mission Team that has been helping and rebuilding houses for 26 years. They do some wonderful work throughout the Pine Ridge Reservation and we were glad to accommodate a quick Tanka Bar break for them (more...)

30. Jun 26, 2017
Tanka an "absolute favorite" for one tiny fan
Jenice Johnson Williams, assistant director of marketing and communications
We recently had a photo contest on our Facebook page and our friend Heidi Brewer won! The winner was selected by a randomizer and won a Tanka Gift Box . Heidi said about her daughter, "Tanka was one of her first foods and it's still her absolute favorite!" (more...)

32. Jun 23, 2017
Native American activists and friends stop by Tanka headquarters
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
Earlier this week we had some friends stop by to see how we are doing. Robby (Red Thunder) Romero and Dennis Banks stopped in to catch up with Karlene Hunter (CEO of Native American Natural Foods).

Our friends received a tour of the building and had plenty of time to share stories with each other (more...)

34. Jun 02, 2017
Southwest Baptist University stops by Tanka headquarters
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
My good friend Everett surprised me on Friday with his group that traveled all the way from Missouri. We had this planned and I even had it on my calendar, but I was so busy working that day I totally forgot! It is always great when good people from all across the states drop by and say hi (more...)

36. May 22, 2017
Happy Motivational Monday!
Waylon Pahona
This is dedicated to all the strong women out there!

"There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women (more...)

40. May 08, 2017
"They protect me from late-night junk food cravings"
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
From our website:

04.01.17 Guest from Portland

These bars are terrific!!! If you are on Weight Watchers they are only 2SP!!
The website is a little confusing as I had a challenge to get my name in the correct lines instead of Guest as a first and last name (more...)

41. May 08, 2017
Live Life Powerfully: Hiking Fisher Towers with Tanka
Jenice Johnson Williams, assistant director of marketing and communications
Great photo from our Twitter friend Simon from Minnesota !

"Hiked to the top of Fisher Towers, Utah. Refueled with a Tanka Bar." (more...)

43. Apr 21, 2017
Tanka has successful run at the 2017 Natural Products Expo West
Waylon Pahona of Healthy Active Natives
Tanka Bar team had a great success at the 2017 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California, by showing some Tanka love. We handed out stickers, coupons and took photos with fans. Many people approached us over the course of those three days who support Tanka, not only because it tastes good but because they love the message behind the company (more...)

45. Apr 13, 2017
Fabulous reviews from recent customers
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
Thank you for this nourishment By John from Durham

From the Heart,

Thank you for this good food, done in a good way. This is the native grazing four-legged to this land, it also tastes great! Blessings to y'all and the growth of your business (more...)

46. Apr 10, 2017
Happy Motivational Monday from Healthy Active Natives
Waylon Pahona
"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today." - Stacia Tauscher

Video taken at the 154th Annual 5 Tribes Peace Treaty. These young children are Bird Dancing and singing (more...)

48. Apr 03, 2017
Tanka Bars are the first stop for the St. John's University students
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
I believe this is the second trip to the Tanka Bar headquarters for these inspiring young students from St. John's University. This new batch of students kicked off this year's first tour of our company (more...)

50. Mar 02, 2017
Tanka represents at Whole Foods tribal gathering in Austin
the Tanka team
Our business manager Dawn Sherman exhibited for Tanka in Austin recently at the Whole Foods tribal gathering! She and our table looked fantastic! (more...)

52. Feb 15, 2017
"Thank you for enriching my life with this healthy, delicious, sustainable food"
Jason Stover Marketing Specialist
01.03.17 Tanka products By Randi from Great Barrington

Thank you for enriching my life with this healthy, delicious, sustainable food

01.03.17 Another big order By John from North Palm Beach

What can I say (more...)

53. Feb 06, 2017
Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op rounds up donations for Tanka Fund
Jenice Johnson Williams, assistant director of marketing and communications
The Tanka Fund gave a big thanks to Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op customers for rounding up for Tanka Fund in January! They raised $10,441.38 to return buffalo to Native lands, lives and economies! Last week the Mississippi Market staff presented this check to Indian Land Tenure Foundation President Cris Stainbrook and Tanka Fund associate Faye Brown (more...)

56. Jan 26, 2017
Tanka president honored for leadership by the Specialty Food Association
the Tanka team
We are very proud of our president Mark Tilsen! He was just honored for Citizenship by the Specialty Food Association's 2017 Leadership Awards. He received his award this week during the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco (more...)

59. Jan 13, 2017
Tis the Season: Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for December
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
12.01.16 Tanka Christmas By Natasha from Arlington

I want to thank the sales associate for calling me back with a discount code in order to get 15% off. I have never tried these but this company is a widely know success story for Indians (more...)

61. Jan 11, 2017
Demo company Busy Bee surprises Tanka team with gift
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
A very unexpected delivery arrived the other day and it was addressed to me.

I don't really receive packages -- maybe a return or something that I know is coming in the mail. Busy Bee, our wonderful demo company, sent me a gift and it was pretty awesome! The ear warmers came in handy this morning as the temperature has been getting chilly again (more...)

63. Jan 04, 2017
Honoring Healthy Active Natives in 2016
the Tanka Team
We hope you had a great holiday and Happy New Year!

This is a great slideshow our friend Waylon Pahona of Healthy Active Natives put together of all his travels with Tanka last year. Thanks so much for all you do, Waylon!

"2016 has been an amazing year and I wanted to give the biggest thanks to the Tanka Bar Team (more...)

68. Jan 04, 2017
Healthy Active Natives: Never stopping
the Tanka Team
Waylon Pahona is trainer, motivational speaker and founder of the group Healthy Active Natives. He shares stories of inspiration from the Native community and sends some of them to us to share.

Nikki Lowe is Creek, Seminole and Chickasaw who is originally from Oklahoma but grew up in Arizona (more...)

71. Dec 14, 2016
A Tribe Called Red shows their Tanka support
the Tanka team
Thanks to Faye Brown with the Tanka Fund for sending us this photo of the popular Native band, A Tribe Called Red, fueled by Tanka at a recent show in Minneapolis! (more...)

73. Dec 14, 2016
Motivational Monday: Young Native leadership
the Tanka team
Happy Motivational Monday from Waylon Pahona of Healthy Active Natives!

Gabe Fuentes is a 16 years old Hopi teen and he is the Senior Advisor of the Morning Star leaders youth group which is based in the Metro Phoenix Area (more...)

76. Dec 08, 2016
I've been a customer for a long time and will continue to be one
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
Best Protein Boost By Elizabeth from Stillwater

On my journey to 40 and I decided to lose weight. I'm down 30 lbs and it can be hard to get consistent protein in throughout the day working full time and running 3 busy boys around! A coworker have me a Tanka bar one day when I hadn't gotten lunch in and was tempted to eat out of the vending machine (more...)

78. Dec 01, 2016
Tanka a hit in Ashland
Jenice Johnson Williams, assistant director of marketing and communications
The wonderful demo coordinator at Ashland Food Co-op in Ashland, Oregon, posted the above photo on our Facebook page of a recent tasting of our Tanka products. She told us that the crowd loved them.

Ashland Food Co-op is a certified organic and consumer-owned grocer founded in 1972 (more...)

80. Nov 28, 2016
Motivational Monday: Water is life #MniWiconi
the Tanka Team
Happy Motivational Monday from Waylon Pahona of Healthy Active Natives!

"Be great, be powerful but most importantly, give thanks to the Creator for building such a strong foundation of life. Our body is a sacred place and it holds knowledge and tradition (more...)

83. Nov 22, 2016
Our buffalo are home in South Dakota
the Tanka Team
More video of our herd of 151 natural, grass-raised buffalo we moved to their rightful place -- the lands of Indian people in South Dakota. You can hear buffalo rancher Gerald remembering his grandfather (more...)

85. Nov 21, 2016
Motivational Monday: Healing through yoga
the Tanka Team
Happy Motivational Monday with Waylon Pahona of Healthy Active Natives!

I would like to highlight Haley Laughter for Motivational Monday. She is Navajo, has two yoga certifications, nine years of practice and seven years of teaching experience (more...)

88. Nov 17, 2016
"I have been using Tanka products for over 5 years. They are the best."
Jason Stover, marketing specialist
Tanka Bars & Bites By Lisa from Littleton

Your jerky bars and bites are the BEST!!

Excellent product By Amy from Council Bluffs

I am not much of a meat eater, but this product is perfect (more...)

89. Nov 14, 2016
Buffalo on the move
the Tanka Team
We moved 151 natural, grass-raised buffalo from Wisconsin to South Dakota. Returning buffalo to the lands of Indian people (more...)

91. Nov 14, 2016
Motivational Monday: Give thanks
Jenice Johnson Williams, assistant director of marketing and communications
Happy Motivational Monday from Waylon Pahona of Healthy Active Natives!

"Give thanks to the Creator and live life powerfully! Smile and greet your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family. We all need to feel good at times some might just need that extra positivity today and it will make you feel good as well (more...)

94. Nov 07, 2016
Healthy Active Natives: Let your vote be heard
the Tanka Team
Happy Motivational Monday with Waylon Pahona of Healthy Active Natives:

"It's a great day to be Indigenous! As we come to those last 16 hours don't forget to get up and vote let your voice be heard (more...)

97. Nov 04, 2016
Tanka: Never leave home without it
Jenice Johnson Williams, assistant director of marketing and communications
Tanka fan Cami of Dickinson, ND, sent us this pic of her with her never-leave-home-without-it Tanka Bar. She always keeps one on hand. Here she is shopping at the mall in Rapid City, SD, where she just so happened upon one of our vintage stand-up banners! Thanks, Cami! (more...)

99. Oct 31, 2016
Healthy Active Natives: Treat every day like a celebration
Jenice Johnson Williams, assistant director of marketing and communications
From our friend Waylon Pahona of Healthy Active Natives.

Happy Halloween and Happy Motivational Monday from the Yakama Nation!!!
Wake and understand that it's not just another Monday -- it's a day just like every other day to celebrate life! Understand that we have young ones that we need to raise to be strong powerful Native children! This was taken at a Halloween party in White Swan Washington a few days back (more...)